Elgin Area Manufacturing Career Internship Program for Young Adults

EDG logo 2014The Elgin-Area Manufacturing Career Internship Program (MCIP) is designed to help employers find and hire young adults interested in manufacturing. The program provides young adults ages 18-21 the opportunity to learn about and start a career in manufacturing by paying for them to participate in a 6-week internship with area employers.

The MCIP starts with a 3-week boot camp on Monday, January 5 to introduce WIA-eligible youth to today’s manufacturing careers. The boot camp provides a 10-hr. OSHA Certification, and a focus on work ethic, math skills, motivation and attitude, communication skills and interviewing techniques.

After the boot camp, participating employers have an opportunity to meet and select interns on Wednesday, January 21 for a paid, 6-week, 240-hour internship. Intern assignments are made on “Draft Day” on Friday, January 23 and the internship program begins Monday, February 2. Upon conclusion of the internships, employers have the option of hiring.

Organized and presented by the Elgin Development GroupElgin Community College and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, MCIP also benefits area employers by providing companies the opportunity to find and train motivated entry-level employees with no commitment required to hire after the paid internship is completed. Business and Career Services, Inc. (BCC), a not-for-profit 501c(3), serves as the employer of record, pays wages to the interns and covers all payroll and liability insurance throughout the internship. There is no charge to the company.

The MCIP is funded through a grant from the Department of Labor (DOL) through the state and regional Workforce Investment Board and the Kane County Department of Employment & Education, and is administered by BCS.

The MCIP was featured as a “Best Practice” at the 2012 National Association of Workforce Board Professionals in Las Vegas, and receive the Innovative Solutions Award from the Illinois Workforce Partnership in 2014.

Click here to watch a YouTube video of the MCIP program in action.

For more information on how to participate in the 2015 Elgin-Area Manufaturing Careers Internship Program, contact:

MCIP Outreach Liaison
Sid Hussaini

BCS Youth Coordinator
Eddie Perez

For general information about Business and Career Services, Inc., visit www.worknetncc.com.