Cash Mobs

431884_10151401996465920_2039932765_nThroughout the year, EYPN organizes Cash Mobs to support Elgin area businesses and promote buying local.

Much like a Flash Mob, a Cash Mob is where shoppers are invited to show up en masse to “mob” the local business on a set date and time frame to shop, socialize and spend!

Participants are also encouraged beforehand to spread the word to their spheres of influence thru their social media channels and word-of-mouth to effectively deliver one huge day of sales to these local businesses.

To date, our EYPN members have successfully mobbed:

  • Elgin Books & Coffee
  • SpaceTaste Gallery
  • State Street Market
  • Downtown Elgin Harvest Market
  • Herb’s Bakery
  • Tinsel Holiday Pop-Up Shop
  • The Flower Wagon

Where will our EYPN mob show up next? Stay tuned to our Calendar of Events for the latest details on upcoming Cash Mobs.

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