EYPN Professional Development: Job Safari – The Search for the Elusive Job

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Been bogged down in the swamp too long? Looking for a new adventure? Then pick up your safari hat and travel with Professor Scott Gardner of Rock Valley College as we learn about the secrets of finding that elusive job/promotion on Wednesday, April 27 from 6-8pm at United Way of Elgin, 1750 Grandstand Place, #5 in Elgin.

Learning what to pack and what tools you might need on your journey will serve you well. We’ll focus on two of your most important tools of the trade—resumes and cover letters. It doesn’t have to be a jungle out there—learn simple but important rules for writing these essential employment documents. So what are you waiting for?

You’ll learn…

1. About the role of the job description in the employment search
2. How to assess and correlate your skills to the position you seek
3. The importance of the story telling in the job hunting process
4. Paragraph by paragraph writing techniques
5. Strategies for improving your resume

Bring your hat (if you like) and a job description (optional) for a new adventure you might like to pursue.

The event is open to everyone. No membership is required.