October 2014 Meeting Minutes

cropped-eypn1.jpgTuesday, October 21, 2014 6:00pm
Bennigan’s Bar & Grill
495 Airport Rd, Elgin,

Board Members Present: Becky Hardekopf, Krisilee Murphy, Jason Pawlowski, Christina Pearson, Elissa Kojzarek, Aaron Cosentino

Members Present: Elaina McCalmont, Kari Christensen, Andrea Fugitt, Justin Budd, Saul Acevedo, Ann Leider, Emily Tyler, Shalina Wozny


Krisilee Murphy, Board Vice President, facilitated the meeting and welcomed the group.

Elgin Home for the Holidays Update

Elaina McCalmont, Elgin Home for the Holidays Co-Chair gave an update on this EYPN ran initiative. Non-Profit participation is up from that last two years and has a total of 22 participants. The Annual Brochures have been printed and we have copies for everyone to help pass out. If you need more please contact, Krisilee Murphy.

We are still in need for volunteers for the Elgin Home for the Holidays Kick-Off on Saturday, November 8th at Gail Borden Library. If you would like to help then please reach out to Elaina (Elaina@little-angels.us) directly. Since this is an EYPN ran event we ask that all members try to come. Families are welcome! For more information on Elgin Home for the Holidays please check out the new website created by Board Member Jason Pawlowski at www.elginhomefortheholidays.com

Fall Cash Mob

The group decided that Brittain’s Express Oil and Lube would be a great business to host our next Fall Cash Mob. They not only provide oil changes but also car washes. We should have a November date for everyone shortly. As, soon as we send it out we ask for everyone to please help us spread the word. www.brittainsexpressoil.com

New for 2015 – Dues

We will start collected dues in 2015. The dues will be used to upkeep the website and work to further the group’s reach in our community. $25 will be collected every year for all members. This money will also be used to help us track who is an active member in the group. For the $25, all members will receive the following: Elgin Young Professionals Network T-shirt, Email Communications, Member Only Social Event, Opportunity to participate in the mentor program, First look at job postings, Assistance in board placement (if interested). Other benefits can/will be added as the year goes on.

New Mentor Program

Our 2014 Mentor Program was a success! We would like to continue the program in 2015 and expand it to be able to include more members. A file is being developed to help everyone decide if they would like to have a mentor, be a mentor or maybe wait until next year to participate. As soon as the form is completed we will email it out. We will have an update at the meeting. Please note, the mentor program is what you make of it. Some pairs meet on a monthly basis and have an agenda, while others met when schedules allowed and used the time to get to know each other. Both formats are great. 


Also new in 2015 we will start committees to cover all aspects on the EYPN group. We are hoping everyone will want to get involved in one way or another. The more you put in, the more you can get out. Below are the committees that will be formed. Committees will meet as needed. We will be asking members to sign-up at the November meeting so think about which committee you would like to join.

    1. Volunteer
    2. Social
    3. Marketing
    4. Mentor Program
    5. Professional

Community Opportunities

Here is a list of community events and opportunities taking place in the next couple of weeks. We invite everyone to participate as much as possible. The more EYPN is out in the community the more people will start to recognize us.

    • HOTI Design Open House (10/24)
    • Zombie 5K : Boys & Girls Club of Elgin (10/25)
    • Nightmare on Chicago Street (10/25)
    • Elgin High School -Clumsy Chef Culinary Program’s Thanksgiving Meal (11/6)
    • City of Elgin Youth Scholarship Race (11/7)
    • Elgin Home for the Holidays Kick-Off (11/8)

Tentative 2015 Meeting Schedule

January- Village Squire
February- Nick’s Pizza
March- TBA
April- TBA
May- Member Social (TBA)

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 18th at 6pm

Meeting Adjourned at 6:50pm

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