April 2014 Meeting Minutes

cropped-eypn1.jpgTuesday, April 22
Elgin Public House
219 E. Chicago Street, Elgin



Krisilee Murphy, Board Vice President (minutes)
Jason Pawlowski, Board Member
Christina Pearson, Board Member
Elissa Kojzarek, Board Member


Krisilee Murphy, Board Vice President, facilitated the meeting. Krisilee welcomed the group and everyone introduced themselves.


We reached our goal! Over 480 raffle tickets were sold. Great job to everyone helped collect donations, put together the baskets and spread the word about the event. We will be giving away two scholarships: one to a high school student entering ECC’s culinary program and one to a scholarship winner last year that is continuing their education.

What went well:

- Hula Hoop Contest was a hit. The whole group agreed that we need something to get the event attendees up on their doing something.
- No cover charge. Rather encourage the attendees to buy more tickets.
- A band would be a good addition – Stephanie knows a lot of bands.

What could be changed/improved:

- Need a larger space.
- Do two fundraisers to raise money, one in the spring and one in late summer/early fall, so we know the exact amount of scholarship money we can giveaway prior to announcing the scholarship.
- Get consolation prizes for anyone who buys a ticket.
- Start collecting donations much earlier. Elaina recommended at least 6 months out.
- Award the scholarship at the event.

Themes for the next Scholarship Fundraiser:

Stephanie suggested pirates. Christina suggested super heroes. Jason said Super Suits is a local band that has a relationship with the owners of Danny’s Pizza. Elissa suggested live cooking demos or a game like Chopped, the TV show. We could put a list of ingredients on our website and Facebook and let people vote for what the students will have to cook with. Stephanie said we could even have people pledge money towards the ingredient they would like the students to use. The top winners get used.

2014 scholarship forms will go out in early May. Stephanie, Krisilee, Saul, Jason, Elissa and Christina all requested to receive and subsequently review the completed scholarship applications for judging.


Our next Cash Mob is going to take place mid/late May. Past mobs have taken place at Elgin Books & Coffee, SpaceTaste Gallery, State Street Market and Downtown Elgin Harvest Market. The group offered up ideas from Soulful Sparrow, Viking Thrift & Artwork, Rediscover Records, Town & Country Gardens.

The group all agreed that Herb’s Bakery would be fun for our next Cash Mob. Because Herb’s is only open until 5pm weekdays, we would need to look at doing the Cash Mob either early morning during the week (like 7-8am) or on a Saturday morning. Someone from EYPN needs to reach out to Wendy, the owner.


In case you missed it, we have a website! Jason has worked tirelessly to provide us with this new resource. Please check it out and let us know if you see anything we could add. We will use this to promote upcoming events, meeting minutes, job postings and more. We are asking you to continue to engage with us on content. If you see a job posting or if your company has a volunteer experience, then let us know.

Jason has reached out to Chris Higgins from Future Link IT in Elgin to transfer the domains for ElginYoungProfessionals.com and ElginHomefortheHolidays.com to Future Link’s servers. Both sites will now be WordPress.org self-hosted sites which will enable us to add features like an Events Calendar widget, directories, etc. EYPN will then relaunch ElginHomefortheHolidays.com with a new look and features. The look of ElginYoungProfessionals.com will mostly stay the same.


Our next session is set to take place on Tuesday, June 10th at 6pm. We will have a couple board presidents speak about skills we need to develop to become a beneficial board member. More details to follow.


The group was asked how they would feel about having all the members volunteer for at least one of the committees. Everyone thought it was a good idea. The committees: Scholarship, Professional Development Planning, Elgin Home for the Holidays and Social Events. More will probably come up but those are the ones we could think of as a group.


Elgin Area CVB’s Tourism Luncheon- Monday, May 5th at the Grand Victoria Casino

- Becky Hardekopf is receiving the The Young Professional Friend of Tourism Award

YWCA’s Leader Luncheon – Thursday, May 8th at The Seville

- Becky Hardekopf, Ann Leider and Kari Christensen are nominated for awards


- Little Angels 27th Annual Pledge Run is taking place Sunday, May 18th.


Saul Acevedo
Stephanie Casstevens
Elissa Kozjarek
Elaina McCalmont
Krisilee Murphy
Jason Pawlowski
Christina Pearson

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