EYPN Game Night Games, Rules and Scoring

EYPN Game Night2Tonight’s the night! And we’re not playing around either…oh wait, we are! :)

It’s Game On at Elgin Young Professionals Network’s Elgin Game Night and New Member Drive. After you’ve enjoy some free appetizers (5:30-6:30pm), network with our board members and decide to join our network in 2015 for the low yearly membership price of only $30, we invite you to stay and get your game face on with our EYPN team at Elgin Game Night.

Modeled after NBC’s popular Hollywood Game Night show, we will split our attendees into teams of four (or possibly more) and each team will compete in four different games:

- Take the Hint
- Mono-Tunes
- Show “Bid”-Ness
- Celebrity Name Game

Here are the detailed game explanations, rules and scoring for each:


The team is given 90 seconds to convey a series of 10 random, general terms to their team captain. Each team member can give a one word clue for each term after which the team captain can either guess or pass. Only one guess per round of clues. If the team passes on an answer, the team can go back and give three new clues after going thru all of the other terms. Team members cannot use any parts of the word itself as a clue (example: you cannot say the word “burger” if you are trying to give a clue about “Burger King”). Team members can also not use hand gestures or sound effects – to convey clues. ONLY ONE WORD CLUES. Each correct answer is worth 1 point and a bonus of 5 points will be awarded if all 10 are answered correctly without any passing.


The team will receive 5 sets of lyrics from popular songs (80s-Today) read in monotone by our host and board member, Jason Pawlowski. After each lyric is read the team will have 20 seconds to discuss as a group and guess the song title. Only the song title is needed – not the artist. Only one guess per song lyric read. There is no passing. Each correct guess is worth 1 point and a bonus of 5 points will be awarded if all 5 songs are guessed correctly.


The team is given 90 seconds to convey a series of movie titles thru a good old fashioned game of charades. Each team will nominate a team captain to deliver the non-verbal clues. Before the team begins, they will bid on the number of answers they think their team can successfully guess (minimum of 6). Each correct answer is worth 1 point. If the team exceeds their answer goal, each correct answer after their goal is worth 2 points. However, if the team does not exceed their answer goal, a total of 3 points will be subtracted from their score. The team captain can pass as often as they want but will only be given a maximum of 12 movies to choose from.


The team is given 90 seconds to convey a series of 10 celebrities from the world of entertainment, politics and pop culture. Each team will nominate a team captain to deliver the clues. Captains can use whatever kinds of clues they like as long as they do not use the celebrity’s first or last name in their clue. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. If the team gets all 10 correct they will receive an additional 10 bonus points. The team captain can pass at anytime but will only be given those 10 names. No additional names will be substituted on passes to hit the 10 correct answer threshold.

Prizes will be awarded to each of the members of the winning team.

Here’s the evening’s schedule:

5:00-6:00pm – Networking, membership drive, cash bar (free apps for EYPN members 5:30-6:30pm)
6:00pm – Welcome and introductions
6:10pm – Pairing of teams, game rules/how to play
6:15-7:30pm – Elgin Game Night competition
7:30pm – Announcement of winners, awarding of prizes

Join EYPN in 2015! Are you game?

Join Us at Our February EYPN Meeting

cropped-eypn1.jpgOur next Elgin Young Professionals Network meeting will be Tuesday, February 24 at The Village Squire South Elgin, 480 Randall Rd, at 6pm..

This event is open to anyone interested in joining or learning more about the leadership building and community service opportunities available with EYPN.

Among the topics to be discussed will be review of the Elgin Game Night, 2015 Calendar and more.

Our meetings are informal so we invite you to come for the meeting and stay for dinner and friendly conversation with some fantastic young professionals.

Please RSVP on Facebook or e-mail Board President, Krisilee Murphy, kmurphy@northernfoxrivervalley.com for more details.


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Game On at Elgin Game Night/EYPN New Member Drive

EYPN Game Night2This is not your typical family game night. This is an in your face, knock-down, drag-out competition!

On Thursday, January 29 beginning at 5pm at Chooch’s Pizza, 64 S. Grove Avenue in downtown Elgin, get your game faces on as Elgin Young Professionals Network has come up with a series of challenging and engaging games for what should be a fun evening of team competition as you meet and mingle with all of our EYPN members.

Elgin Game Night will also serve as EYPN’s Annual Membership Drive. Membership benefits for 2015 include:

- EYPN t-shirt
- Access to the EYPN Mentoring Program
- Access to the EYPN Professional Development Series
- Priority access to job postings
- An exclusive EYPN member only event in the summer
- And much more!

Members receive all of this for the low annual fee of only $30!

Those that sign-up for EYPN Membership on Thursday, January 20 will also receive a complimentary beverage ticket for that night.

More details about the games and rules will be announced soon. RSVP today on our Elgin Game Night and EYPN New Member Drive Facebook Event page.

It’s GAME ON in 2015 with EYPN!

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Harvest Market Manager



Position:  Downtown Elgin Harvest Market, Market Manager

General Description:

The Downtown Elgin Harvest Market began operating in 2000 as an event of the Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin.  It is a seasonal market held weekly on Thursdays from the first week in June through the first week of October (18 weeks) and is located outdoors in a City of Elgin parking lot at 200 North Grove Avenue in Downtown Elgin.

The market offers and encourages locally grown and sustainably produced food, provides an outlet for educational opportunities on sustainable practices and healthy living, supports local artists, community organizations, and Downtown businesses while cultivating a welcoming and entertaining public space atmosphere in Downtown Elgin. During peak season, more than 20 vendors of raw and processed agricultural local products participate, selling their goods to over 500 or more customers and visitors a week.

The market manager is a part-time position who will work closely with the Downtown Neighborhood Association’s Event Coordinator and Administrative Assistant. The person filling this position will need to have the following skills to successfully operate an urban farmers market including:

  • Vendor recruitment and relations
  • Market application process
  • Volunteer recruitment and management
  • Market promotion and outreach
  • Collaboration with city departments, local businesses, and other organizations
  • Market day logistics and execution
  • Financial record keeping
  • Understanding/operating EBT program


A strong candidate for this position will have a demonstrated passion for local, sustainable food production and/or community building and civic engagement as well as excellent communications skills.  This is a physically demanding role, requiring the ability to work in all weather conditions and to lift and carry up to 50lbs.  Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and legally eligible for employment in the U.S.

Other desired qualifications are:

  • Highly self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Familiar with Downtown Elgin and/or Downtown Districts
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite
  • Basic understanding of social media, online communications
  • Experience in customer service and/or event planning
  • Agricultural background
  • Demonstrated ability to engage with diverse populations
  • Ability to learn on the job and multitask
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving skills

Position Responsibilities:

The 2015 Downtown Neighborhood Association’s Harvest Market outdoor season will operate on Thursday’s from June 4 through October 1, 9am – 2pm, at 200 North Grove Avenue, Elgin, IL. The Market Manager will be expected to arrive at 7am and stay through tear down (approximately 3pm).  During that time, s/he will work with volunteers, etc. to set up the Market, coordinate volunteers, interns, sponsors, vendors, community partners, kid program partners, special activities, and tear down of the Market.  This is a physically and mentally demanding role that is best filled by someone with enthusiasm and a positive, resilient attitude. The Market Manager will also have regularly scheduled office days to focus on such tasks as enrolling farmers/vendors, collecting fees, creating and maintaining the Harvest Market budget, overseeing the Harvest Market Committee meetings and other duties as assigned. The DNA office is located at 10 N. Spring Street, Elgin, IL.

How to Apply:
Submit a cover letter, resume and salary requirements to the Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin, IL at info@downtownElgin.com. In the subject line, please enter “Harvest Market Manager Position”.